Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Field Of Dreams

It has been a picture taken two years prior to this and it is a picture that was taken this year?  Start guessing now and at the end of the post I will share a picture!
So it has been discovered that Jessa is a very good catcher at 10 years old.  A very natural ability to do this job on the field!  She went to All-Stars and caught 6 innings there as well as caught 2-3 every game we played.  She plays shortstop when she is not behind the plate.  Which she also fields well.  However it was her catching skills that everyone began to talk about.  And so in July after softball season was done she went to Michigan State University catchers camp!  I wanted to share this picture of her....
Here she is sitting in the dugout at Secchia Field....
MSU softball is also a big deal to my little ten year old as she imagine it is a MSU fan.  She has always wanted to be a veterinarian and wants to go to MSU for her education and play softball for them!  She was able to meet the coaches of Spartan softball; Head Coach Jaquie Josephn who Jessa said she was scared of and she was great to watch, but honestly she intimidated me a lot!  She was awesome though! I was able to get a few greatideas to help me coach my teams next season.  However Jessa worked with Assistant Coach Jessica Bograkos most of the day and loved her!  It was fun to watch and the Spartans softball program put on a great camp for the girls.
For Jessa the day was so much more than drills!  This day was a dream for her to play on Secchia Field where the Spartans play.  For her to work with a coaches that she truly admires was a great feeling.  Jessa has every intention of continuing to play softball behind the plate and hopes that one day she will be scouted to play for MSU.  Until then she'll play for Newaygo.  When we got home from camp that day she said, "Mom, the field was so big and the stands it felt so real to be there catching behind the Spartan plate.  Ya know mom that is my field of dreams there at that stadium!"  Keep Dreaming Jessa dreams come true!
In other fields of dreams does anyone have a guess about the other picture I wanted to share with you?
Of course it is Phil and I at our Annual Donate Life Tigers game.  This is the 3rd year that we went to this game and look we are still in love and happy!  (Note the left hand on chest still no ring!)  The day was hot and I do not mean a little I am talking a game time temperature of 100 degrees!  We were able to see some great friends; Schomakers, Butchers, & the Spehn's.  We were also able to see a shutout game on our field of dreams as the Tigers fell 0-13 against the dominating Angels......YIKES!!!
Phil and I also went to Wrigley Field this summer and watched the Tigers and the Cubs.  This series of games at Wrigley Field only happens every six years so it was awesome to be there!  Oh and we did watch Justin Verlander pitch as well as the Tigers beat the Cubs.  
I would say over all we had a summer filled with our fields of dreams!  

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