Friday, August 26, 2011

Urgent prayers Please!!!

Well I feel like I rarely write anymore and now I come to you all begging you to please pray for a very special little girl......Brittney Butcher is a wonderful young lady who received a heart transplant in December of 2008....Her family is amazing and supported not only my family when Ethin was at Mott but so many others too. Monday night Brittney was admitted to Mott's PCTU and it was discovered that her heart was only functioning at 25%. Since then her heart is functioning at even less than that. Her kidneys and liver are taking a hit from the rejection of this heart. Britt started dialysis and they are trying to clean her plasma as a way to treat rejection.
Brittney is such an amazing kid and I feel so blessed to know her. She is a part of my family and so is her whole family. She has to pull through this. Please pray for her and her whole family. Visit their carepage and leave a note of encouragement....Thank you for this!Her care page is as follows

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A year later pics then and Now....It's all Good!!!!

Ya know I recall pry writing a post about a year after Ethin had passed away.....This post will not be like that at all.......Just over a year ago I started to date my best friend....We went to a Tigers game together for the Donate Life game.  We had so much fun last year.....And well last night we went to that game together again....Yes a year later still just loving being with him.  Boy am I blessed!!!  Here are a few pics.....
Last Year Tommy and I
Peace out!!!

I love this kid
Being goofy Rally Capping....This boy last year could not get enough of me
This year I had to beg for these two pics!!!

He is my buddy though!!!
And then here is Phil and I last year

So fresh in our relationship.....And this year
 Well take one He smiled but was still watching the game!!  LOL I love it!!
Take two We still look good and Man am I in love!!!

By the way the Tigers won 6-5 and well that my friends makes for a great night we relived our second date and it was amazing....I could not have asked for more a good game, awesome friends to share it with, and Phil I am seriously the luckiest girl in the whole world!!!