About Me

My name is Jessica and if you are new to my blog you should be reading this.  My blogging life began in 2009 when I gave birth to my son Ethin.  Ethin was born with a Congenital Heart Defect called Hypoplastic Heart Syndrome.  Ethin's life was truly a blessing to this Earth.  Sadly after three open heart surgeries Ethin was given a perfect heart when he earned his Angel Wings and went to Heaven. 
My blog for a long time was a way for me to express my grief.  Since that awful day though life has evolved and it is not just about my grief, but about how our family has continued to go on in this life with part of us is Heaven. 
Please follow our life as we are still experiencing grief, hope, faith and we are going from extremely to extremely wonderful.  My children and I love to read your comments and are excited for the blog to continue to do what it has done, but truly allow us to share all of our experiences.