Monday, September 10, 2012

Good News Always Feels Great!

Well last week in our home we had good news to share, but had to wait until everyone involved knew.  There really is something fun about sharing a secret with Phil that only we knew!  I think what was so nice about it was knowing it was something that just we shared even if only for a few days.  It also did not amaze me how many people emailed me or called to ask if we were getting married!  LOL  We are not getting married YET.  However we have in great length talked about it!  So back to the good news...
The backstory........Phil and I have been together for over two years now.  In those two years I have fallen completely in love with this man.  However there are things about him that I love more than others.  For instance I love his dedication & committment to whatever he is doing, the drive he has to not just be the best but to be better than the best, the way he is all in or nothing.  I see these traits in him all the time with our kids, when he coaches, a house/yard project, and a lot with his job. 
Phil works for a very well known bank.  He is always on extra projects, volunteering at activities, giving presentations.  His job requires him to go to Ohio for a week at a time and has required him to spend weeks in other cities.  At best not including coaching or sleeping time Monday through Friday Phil has maybe 15 hours a week that can be dedicated to the kids and I however normally he will work from home leaving only 10 hours for us.  I never try to complain about this as I know his job is very important to him.
Phil is also very goal orientated when it comes to his job.  He has a ten year plan to be at the corporate headquarters for the bank he works for.  (Right now he in Grand Rapids which is the Michigan corporate offices).  Well about 2 months ago he came home from work and told me his boss had put in a two week notice and he was going to post for the job.  I immediately began praying that God would prepare Phil for his interviews and give Phil the knowing that he could do this.  Two weeks ago Phil had a conference call interview with the corporate bosses in Cinncinnati.  That day I prayed that Phil would have the right answers and that the interviewers would make the right choice.  The following day Phil interviewed face to face with his old boss and again I just prayed that he would do well and feel God's prescence that no matter how it went, it was God's plan not his.  
These last couple weeks I have prayed that if Phil was to have the job we as a family would follow that, but that if Phil having that job did not fit as God's plan for us that He would lay understanding in our hearts.  Phil and I both wanted this for him.  Well last week Thursday while Phil was finishing his vacation the phone rang and it was the HR department from his work to tell him that they had chosen him for the job!  Phil got the job and he even said he did not think he was going to.  I told him I just knew he would that I had prayed so much for this and I knew how much he deserved it!
So today Phil starts in his new position at work.  This means there is no boss in Grand Rapids for him. He will report to the people in Ohio.  It also means that there will be less family time.  It does also bring him one step closer to the goal he has set to one day be in Cinncinati!  Yes I guess eventually I will leave MI and go to OH.  We will not move there till the kids are graduated so I guess we have a few years, but I am very proud of him and I am very thankful for the answered prayers!  God has answered so many prayers this past week for us.  
I know you were all hoping our good news was wedding bells, but not yet!  
And just cuz I finally got these pictures downloaded here is Phil and I at the Chicago Cubs vs Detroit Tigers  game in June at Wrigley Field!

Love to you all,