Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A summer of Pictures!

Well I have some free time and I guess I am feeling the need to write.....I am not sure how this works from time to time, but sometimes I just feel the need to write and continue to share our lives with all of you who have on some level become a part of our lives through this blog.  So here we go..........
Ethin is so much a part of life every day here.  I am at times completely shaken by the reality of this life I am living without him here.  Sometimes it hits me like a train.  When I least expect it to there are moments when I can not even move sometimes I find it hard to breathe.  Thankfully these moments are no where near as often as they were when Ethin first passed away, but now when they hit me they hit me with a greater force.  I find it hard at times to look at his pictures or to really put thought into him.  How terrible that must sound but sometimes it is just to hard.
In other news the J Triplets and I are enjoying our summer!!!  We have gone to Lake Michigan, Brooks Lake, Fremont Lake, Rafting down the river, played ball, watched fireworks, had bonfires, and who knows what else but we have truly enjoyed it all so far.  This update will include some pictures of our amazing summer thus far!!!  I promise! 
So with the fun stuff there has been little time for the serious stuff, but we are planning a Golf Outing for EHSB....Here is that info and then I'll share some pics!

Ethin's Heart Still Beats 1st Annual Golf Outing
September 10, 2011
Briar Hill Golf Course
950 W. 40th
Fremont, MI

Ethin's Heart Still Beats has teamed up with Briar Hill to offer a a fun day of golfing to help make the difference in the heart of a child! The day promises to be fun as four men/women golf all 18 holes with the chance to bid for bragging rights for longest drive, closest to the pin, and longest putt. There are many ways to help be a part of the day and we hope to see you out there!!! At the clubhouse we will be having a ton of fun with raffles, 50/50, and some other fun activities.

Hole Sponsorship
Hole Sponsorship is a great way to get your business' name out there for a day and for a great cause! EHSB is offering two different types of hole sponsorships. We are also offering a split sponsorship. There is a $300 sponsorship that is a 4ftx2ft vinyl sign that if you purchased this year any year after this year you will pay the smaller sponsorship fee and always use this bigger sign! There is also a $100 sponsorship and that is the size of a yard sign and is two sided. The split sponsorship is $50 yard sign and is one sponsor on one side and another on the other. Sponsor a hole and play golf $475/$275 accordingly.

The outing is a four man scramble. Every hole will be captains choice for the card. The cost for the four man team is $200. Your $200 covers 18 holes of golf, a cart, and lunch for the day. Tee off will be a shotgun start at 9am with 18-30 teams entered to golf; 30+ teams will have a tee off in the afternoon. There will be extra cost to enter contest for closest to the pin, longest drive, and longest putt. We will also be selling mulligans 2 per person which limits it to 8 per team for the day. You will be able to buy them the morning of the outing. 1st place traveling trophy will be awarded as well as a trophy for each team member of the team. Awards for 2nd and 3rd place teams will also be awarded. EHSB is also offering teams the opportunity to buy shirts for the golf outing this is an extra cost of $10 per shirt. Preordering ensures availability. Hope to see you out there.

Contact Info:
Jessica Twigg Founder/President EHSB
Deanna Traxler Co founder/Treasurer EHSB
email us at

 Jessa at the canoe rental before we left
 Jayde in the tree too
 Jessa chillin out
 Me waiting too
 The bus ride to the entrance point
 We are ready to get in the raft and go down river
 Playing at the island Jonathin was really airborne!!
 A picture of us at the island now lets get going!!
 The cottage day with Phil's family!!
 Jonathin jumping off the diving board!
 Jessa going in
 Jessa swimming
 Me landing from the diving board!
 Phil's son Owen going in from the diving board
 Jonathin and GP coming to the raft
 The kiddos jumping in Jonathin, Jessa, and Phil's niece Shelby....What a great day!
 Owen and Jayde with the blue gil that Jayde caught
 My very baby bluegil!
 Me at softball on a Friday night
 Me making a play at first Michelle you are out!
 Jayde at Lake Michigan
 Two of my nephews and my two girls in the hole they dug at Lake Michigan
 Me at Lake Michigan
 Jayde at Phil's for a bonfire
 Jayde and I
 Jonathin just lazing in the yard
 Let the festivities begin!
 The J Triplets, Phil's son and the boy's friend too!
 Jessa with a sparkler
 Phil lighting sparklers for Jayde
 LOL The kids goofing around!!  Owen, Jayde, Seth, Jonathin, and Jessa.....Ah Ah Ah Ah Staying Aliiiiiiive
 What a group of yahoo's
 The water slide!!!
 Loaded with a water gun!!!
 Thumb's up I'll go down too!
 Oh yeah that is cold!
 Jayde coming down
 Love my kids
 Jessa coming down
 Jayde riding horses
 Jessa riding all by herself!
 She has such a natural love for horses!
 We barebacked cuz of the heat so here I am getting on!
 Let's run
 Loving the horse
 You can take me out of the country but you can never take the country out of me!
 This is so freeing!
 I am not sure if there was more fudgsicle in her belly or on her face but either way it made a great picture!!
 Jonathin hanging around
 I caught the pig and now I will kiss the pig
 My kids caught one too!!!
 The pucker up to kiss the alpaca!
 Jonathin kissed the alpaca too
 And the Alpaca kissed Jayde!!!  LOL
 Jayde and I hanging out on the beach at Brooks lake
 My kids waiting for the parade to come through
 Jonathin at the water battle
 Jayde at the water battle
Firemen's Water Battle

Thats it so far for pictures this summer, but I promise there will be more as I am going to a Tigers game next week with Phil, a White Caps game in two weeks with my kiddos, and a trip to my brothers for camping!  Yes the summer is no where near being done and in the mix of it all we are living with part of us in Heaven Loving life Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow!
Yes I did say Loving Life and I meant it I am truly loving life and loving being in love with the love of my life!  I am blessed by my kids, his kids, and him!  Next week we are going to relive our second date here is what we looked like a year ago at that game!!!

I do love this man and look forward to sharing pics of us at the game next week with you all!